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Infusion Therapy

Project Description

With Omnicare’s infusion support, facilities can admit and care for clinically complex residents safely and effectively. Because we offer one of the most extensive programs available, partnering with Omnicare Pharmacy provides the level of care residents require, while delivering the added benefit of increased and stable census.

Direct Benefits for Facilities & Residents

The ability to offer infusion services at facilities provides stability and continuity of care for residents with complex clinical needs. Omnicare Pharmacy enables these benefits through IV expertise and support that ensures optimal outcomes and heightened regulatory compliance while promoting stable census and ensuring appropriate RUGs reimbursement.

  • Pharmacy and clinical support for infusion therapy enables staff to provide care for higher acuity residents
  • Residents can remain in facility when infusion medications are prescribed, improving outcomes and ensuring continuity of care
  • In-house IV capabilities attract a wider range of residents while building relationships with families, physicians and other referral sources

Addressing Care Needs

Omnicare’s infusion program includes professional education and services utilizing experienced IV nurses. Our professionals help facility staff develop important infusion-related skills that directly benefit residents. These new capabilities, coupled with our continued commitment, will help keep residents in the facility and out of the hospital.

Education and Clinical Support Develops Staff Skills and Confidence
Omnicare’s Infusion Therapy Education, critical to successful outcomes, enables staff to manage infusion residents with confidence. Infusion therapy nurse educators provide a range of courses, from basic to advanced, including Pain Management, Total Parenteral Nutrition, and Transfusion Therapy.

  • State-of-the-art stationary and ambulatory electronic infusion devices are provided as appropriate for each therapy
  • Omnicare’s Nurses’ Infusion Therapy Procedure Manual for Long Term Care Facilities is a ready reference for staff
  • Infusion therapy skills validation tools enable administrators, Medical Directors, or DONs to confirm staff competencies
  • Infusion therapy Physician Order Sheets and Medication Administration Records promote accuracy and simplify complex infusion orders

Clinical Nursing Support Helps Improve Outcomes
On-site clinical nursing support is available to augment facility staff capabilities and increase the facility’s reputation for quality care. Clinical nursing support services available from Omnicare include:

  • Peripheral Catheter Insertion
  • Midline Catheter Insertion
  • PICC Insertion
  • Catheter Removal
  • Catheter Repair
  • Catheter Clearance

There When You Need Us
Because admissions don’t always happen during normal business hours, all IV-equipped Omnicare pharmacies provide infusion services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pre-admission screening is also available to ensure that each new infusion resident is financially and clinically right for each unique facility. To improve outcomes, an Omnicare infusion pharmacist will monitor infusion prescriptions for safety and clinical effectiveness and may recommend dosing adjustments and other clinical interventions, as appropriate.

Infusion Services Designed to Benefit Your Bottom Line
Controlling infusion costs through formulary management, dosing adjustments, and administration recommendations, as well as converting medications from infusion to oral where possible, demonstrates Omnicare’s ongoing commitment to managing costs in senior care