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Lindenwood LTC is a unique organization for its 30 years of combined expertise in institutional pharmacy. We use this knowledge to truly address the issues most facilities have. Ultimately, we translate it into one basic formula for customer satisfaction. The experience and expertise of our staff, combined with its state of the art facility and records systems, enable us to fulfill all of your long-term care pharmacy needs, while our size and personal approach allow for a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Lindenwood LTC is committed to working closely with your facility to contain costs, while providing residents with the highest quality of care.

enterprise_solutionsDirectly, and through our subsidiaries, Lindenwood LTC provides a wide range of pharmacy-related services to long-term care facilities and to other customers in the healthcare environment. While senior care has long been a Lindenwood LTC specialty, we also serve other targeted populations. We accept all types of health insurance.


Lindenwood LTC believes in an individualized client-focused approach designed for each client’s specific needs. We have the capacity to customize our services to meet the requirements of your facility and to best meet the needs of your residents. We can tailor the packaging of medication, delivery schedules, reporting, formulary and information technology to suit your facility needs.


Lindenwood LTC’s success derives from a commitment, at every level, to the welfare of each individual we serve. Each day, our employees consider how their work can improve the quality of life of residents and patients. Lindenwood LTC is a truly dedicated healthcare company, working to improve the health and quality of life for everyone we touch.

Consistency is the key to quality…

  • Accurate dispensing of prescriptions – Lindenwood LTC utilizes the latest technology to dispense correct and timely dosages.
  • Consistent and timely delivery of medications – Professional, dedicated and reliable couriers ensure the timeliness of daily deliveries.
  • Complete and accurate medical records – We understand the importance of your order for your residents. This is why we treat all non-medication orders just as we would a prescription order.
  • Electronic medical records available

A comprehensive approach to containing pharmacy costs…

  • Accurate billing of prescriptions to Medicare Part D – Minimizing the cost to the facility.
  • Medication Management – Lindenwood LTC works closely with your nursing staff to monitor the ordering and dispensing of medication, which translates into savings for the facility.
  • Therapeutic Interchange Program – We provide your medical staff with the tools to make clinically cost-effective choices.
  • Formulary Management – A proactive approach to cost containment for the Medicare Part A residents and/or managing the various PDP formularies. We eliminate the guesswork for your physicians by assisting them in prescribing the right medication for patients.
  • Prior Authorization Maintenance – Lindenwood LTC streamlines the process of prior authorizations. Unnecessary and redundant paperwork is eliminated, which minimizes prior authorizations submitted to the facility.
  • Monthly Cost Containment Meeting – Lindenwood LTC partners with your administration in order to identify opportunities to contain costs.

Our specialists here at Lindenwood LTC will keep your facility in compliance with new regulations

  • Lindenwood LTC’s dependable service ensures prompt delivery of medication to your facility. Delayed acquisition of medication may hinder administration and adversely affect a resident’s condition (F425).
  • Lindenwood LTC is proactive in preventing adverse consequences related to medication therapy (i.e. drug interactions, drug allergies [F428]). Our pharmacy software notifies the pharmacist and medical staff of potential adverse effects.
  • Lindenwood LTC provides essential tools, and adheres to your facility’s policies in order to ensure accurate acquisition, receipt, dispensing and administration of all medications and biological occurrences on a consistent basis (F425).